The Common Core Standards: Arguments Against and For

Cross-posted on Education Week Most of the arguments I have heard against the Common Core State Standards strike me as hardly worth responding to, but I came across a piece on the subject the other day by Yong Zhao that is rather thoughtful. Zhao is presidential chair and associate de
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Tucker’s Lens: Creativity, Culture and School Performance

Shortly after the results of the first administration of what was then called the Third International Mathematics and Science Study, a colleague of mine and I visited Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong to see if we could understand what it was that these two countries and one large city h
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Barry McGraw

International Reads: An Interview with Barry McGaw

In 2008, Australia’s six states and two territories agreed to develop common literacy and numeracy assessments aligned with a national curriculum in these subjects. Top of Class reached out to Barry McGaw, Chair of the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA)
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