Donna Addison-Harvin
State Coordinator for Louisiana

Syrenthia Anderson
State Engagement Manager

Todd Baldwin
Kentucky State Coordinator, NISL

Doris Battle
Tennessee and Alabama State Coordinator, NISL

Juan Baughn
Resident Master Faculty, NISL

Jennifer Beck-Wilson
Chief of Staff, NISL

Ann Borthwick
Instructional Systems Architect

Emily Brimsek
History Field Specialist

Mark Brochman
Staff Accountant

Sharon Brumbaugh
Director of Client Engagement, NISL

Carolyn Carey
Executive Assistant

Valerie Carter
Junior LMS Administrator, NISL

Katy Cavanagh
State Engagement Manager

Willie Charles
Contracts Administrator

Gretchen Cheney
Senior Policy Analyst

Edward Chevallier II
Resident Master Faculty, NISL

Jennifer Craw
Production Designer and Webmaster

Bobbie H. D'Alessandro
Director of Coaching and Mentoring, NISL

John DeAtley
Director, Kentucky Rising Project

Christine Denmark
Regional Director of Strategic Partnerships, NISL

Nathan Driskell
Policy Analyst

Cindy Fielder
Director of Mathematics

Jill Fitzsimmons
Benefits Administrator

Laura Groth
Research Associate, NISL

Mischelle Handley
National Director of Strategic Partnerships, NISL

Pamela Hedgpeth
State Coordinator for Missouri, NISL

Ramona Hollie-Major
Director of Operations, NISL

Claire Hollywood
Director of Formative Evaluation Support

Donna Hughes
Senior Instructional Systems Designer, NISL

Tonya Johnson-Hunter
State Engagement Manager

Thomas Jones
Pennsylvania State Coordinator, NISL

Jackie Kraemer
Senior Policy Analyst

Kristi Kraemer
English Language Arts Field Specialist

Akshay Mehta
Senior Financial Analyst

David Osborne
Chief of Staff, Excellence for All

Kelli Polon

Heather Porterfield
Senior Instructional Systems Designer, NISL

Kathy Presley
Office Manager, Mississippi Office, NISL

Joel Price
Director, Information Technology

Margaret C. Reed
California State Coordinator, NISL

Maggie Reinhart
Receptionist and Staff Assistant

Susan Rucker
Mississippi State Coordinator, NISL

Roberto Salinas
Senior Fellow, NISL

Jessica Stephenson Reaves
Science Field Specialist

Janet Strauss
New England State Coordinator and National Client Engagement Manager, NISL

Bonnie Tabor
Staff Associate, Missouri, NISL

Josh Tucker
National Director of Scale-Up, NISL

Bryce Walker
Instructional Designer, NISL

Harvey A. Williams
Logistics Administrator, NISL

James Williams
State Engagement Manager

Brendan Williams-Kief
Director of Communications

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